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Urlaub in Polen

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Urlaub in Polen have always been a band that defies categorization. 'All' is probably their most formally coherent album so far, but it is nevertheless anything but a work of genre: What the songs on 'All' have in common is an architecture evoking Krautrock, developing sprawling synthesizer and guitar workouts on the foundations of finely woven rhythm arrangements. The echoes of West Coast Pop (the harmonies and the bass!), of Rhineland Tech House and of early Dire Straits (the vocals and the guitar production!) make 'All' a characteristically versatile and international affair. 

Release: November 6, 2020


1) Void
2) Impulse Response 
3) 2 Sec. Delay
4) T.H.D.T
5) Rodeo
6) The Witcher
7) Overall
8) The Hunter
9) LTS
10) Proxy Music 


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart LP
Künstler Urlaub in Polen
Label Tapete Records
Ersch.-datum 06.11.2020