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The Cheating Heart
Alright / Bad Habit

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The Cheating Hearts - here they are: the hot and sizzling boy/girl garage-punk duo from Hamburg- St.Pauli, Germany with VivaValli pounding the Drums and Stu Black strumming the guitar to whip up a dance compelling rock´n´roll trash excitation. Coming straight from the wedding chapel, The Cheating Hearts bring you songs of love or being unloved and deliver the perfect soundtrack for YOUR next break-up! 
Growing up in England Stu has been playing in bands as either bassist, drummer or guitar player or as a one-man-band since the age of 15.  The two met in 2011 at a garage concert in Hamburg -St. Pauli and over a few shots of tequila decided to start a band, even though Vivavalli didn´t even play an instrument. 3 days later, drum lessons started… The debut LP "Fuck Love" released Obtober 2016 on Trash Wax Records 
 … And now the New EP with four great Tracks

Side A: 
1. Alright 
2. Bad Habit

Side B: 
1. Gimme Gimme
2. Got to be my Lover


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart 7"-Vinyl
Künstler The Cheating Heart
Ersch.-datum 10.08.2018