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Various Artists
Back From The Grave Vol. 02

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Nother fine set of teen blasters! Fully remastered, with updated liner notes and photos and in a exotic deluxe gatefold sleeve

SIDE ONE: 1. The OUTSIDERS "Summertime Blues"/ 2. The BANSHEES "They Prefer Blondes"/ 3. UNKNOWN BAND "Little By Little"/ 4. The HATFIELDS "Yes I Do"/ 5. The REASONS WHY "All I Really Need Is Love"/ 6. RALPH NIELSEN & The CHANCELLORS "Scream" / 7. The MYSTICS "Snoopy"/ 8. The HYSTERICS "Won't Get Far"/ SIDE 2: 1. The LYRICS "They Can't Hurt Me"/ 2. The CANADIAN ROGUES "Keep In Touch"/ 3. SWEET CHERRY "Funny Things Floating"/ 4. The OUTSIDERS "She's Coming On Stronger"/ 5. The MODS "Satisfaction"/ 6. The DEVERONS "On The Road Again"/ 7. The CHILDREN OF DARKNESS "She's Mine".


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart LP
Künstler Various Artists
Label Crypt Records