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Can Love Be Synth

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Bunker (Richard Fearless Remix) 06:37

Bunker (Original Version) 05:48


Bunker (Terr Remix) 05:35
Bunker (J’adore Bunker quadratschulz Remix) 04:19

Short Info:

Can Love Be Synth are in love with old analogue machines and define their specific sound in the legendary Synthesizer Studio Hamburg. A synth collectors paradise hidden behind the big grey walls of a Bunker building and the club Uebel & Gefährlich between the Reeperbahn and Schanzenviertel district in Hamburg, Germany.

Their new song ‘Bunker’ is now available as a digital and vinyl release on A CLEAN CUT including fantastic remixes by Richard Fearless, Terr and quadratschulz.

The Bunker building is currently extended with a 54-meter-high superstructure for an ultra-violent instant gentrification. In the original version of the song the heavy blows of hammers are clearly audible. This sound journey from zen to noise is a beautifully shimmering ‘black hole made from music’, where implosion and explosion energetically meet. If it needed another reason for the clubs to reopen, this song would be the one - it is perfect for long nights and for days without light rays.



Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart 12"-Vinyl
Künstler Can Love Be Synth
Ersch.-datum 10.09.2021