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Stereo Total
Chanson Hystérique 1995-2005
CD Box

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Erscheinungsdatum: 05.11.2021
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7-CD Boxset (ltd. to 1000 copies)

Since their first release in 1995 Stereo Total have spoiled us with their entertaining over-the- top-songs, always way beyond mass taste. The anti-diva Françoise Cactus and the multi-non- instrumentalist Brezel Göring have released a total of 16 albums - including soundtracks and theatre works.

The box set "Chanson Hystérique" presents the first ten years of the bands history and, due to the death of Françoise Cactus on 17th February 2021, also unfortunately represents the last Stereo Total release in which this extraordinary artist participated.

Release: 5 November 2021

LP1 Oh Ah

LP2 Monokini

LP3 Juke-Box Alarm

LP4 My Melody

LP5 Musique Automatique

LP6 Do the Bambi

LP7 Carte postale and other rarities


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Künstler Stereo Total
Ersch.-datum 05.11.2021