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Conrad Schnitzler & Pole

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Pole on his con-struction:
To be honest, in earlier times I never quite warmed to Conrad Schnitzler's work. Back then, in the middle of the 80s, we were still occupied with traditional band projects. We played hip-hop, jazz, avant-garde, but with guitars, drums, etc. We still asked ourselves the question: "How can we actually get away from these instruments and structures?" They seemed so outmoded. Then came my first contact with Conrad's productions: a Tangerine Dream album that he co-produced and on which he played violin, synthesizer and typewriter. It wasn't a good start. I didn't much like the album. Nevertheless, something had happened. I made a unilateral decision for the band, brought a TR-808 and a Minimoog to rehearsal and announced: "We're going electronic." After that, everything happened all by itself. I found out more about this Schnitzler from Berlin who always impressed me with his complexity, his humorous nature and almost absurd variety. So years later, when I was asked if I would participate in the Con-Struct series, there was no way I could refuse. His influence had since become too important for me. Contrary to the original Con-Struct concept, however, it was my idea to do it half and half: 50 percent sounds from Conrad and 50 percent from me. The collaboration went according to the following rules: I myself use four things Ð a modified old rhythm machine, two old synthesizers, and my modular system. From Schnitzler come four complex sounds, which are always run through a modular patch. Coincidence should play an important role. Then I sent everything through my mixer Ð for dubbing. It worked almost automatically. His sounds led and I joined in. It felt a little bit like we could understand each other. The two of us. I would have liked to have met him.


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Künstler Conrad Schnitzler & Pole
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