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Die Sonn Und Der Mond

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Hey-O-Hansen are a dub duo from Berlin. Helmut Erler and Michael Wolf are originally from Austria, their blend of folkloristic melodies of their home country with the bass-loaded echo chambers of Jamaican roots has been called Austrodub.

In 2010, Pingipung compiled a compilation “Rare And Unreleased Austrodub Tracks” to express our love for the Oeuvre of the two. They have been pushing buttons in the Berlin underground scene since the year 2000, Helmut Erler being a mastering engineer at Dubplates & Mastering of international esteem. “Die Sonn und Der Mond” was the exclusive unreleased track composed for the occasion of the digital compilation. It is now available on vinyl for the first time, reworked, mastered and cut by Helmut Erler into this 2018 version.

Kazumi sings the vocals for the track, and her Japanese accent in the lullaby adds to the psychedelic vibe of this wondrous hit.

On the B side edit Helmut sings the song himself, in his Austrian tongue with a vocoder voice and his acoustic guitar.

This single is a part of Pingipung’s ongoing Concentrical Series of 7’’ records. Previous contributions include Umeko Ando, Andi Otto, Ya Tosiba and Ion Din Dorobanti.

“Die Sonn und der Mond Die zwei werden scheinen. Bei Tag und bei Nacht
Ein Jedes bei Seinen

Ganz egal was man auch macht Ob Lachen ob Weinen
Die Sonn und der Mond
Bleibt alles beim Einen

Am Himmel zieht die Sonn Für die Großen und Kleinen Silbern strahlt der Mond Für die Meinen und Deinen

Solang bis Tag und Nacht sich einst vereinen Die Sonne und Mond scheinen”


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart 7"-Vinyl
Künstler Hey-Ø-Hansen
Label Pingipung
Ersch.-datum 05.10.2018