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The Trash Templars
Down and Out

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After a fast sold-out EP, this is The Trash Templar's first (and last) full-length album, delivering eleven 4-chord-fuzz-garage-punk originals. 


A-01 Down and Out 04:03 
A-02 The Witchbreed 03:00
A-03 Dancing With The Bull 02:45
A-04 I Wanna Know 02:38
A-05 The Man I Used To Be 03:12
A-06 Outside Man 02:53

B-01 Insomnia 03:23
B-02 Under My Skin 03:22
B-03 I'm Telling You 02:58
B-04 What We Had (And What's Left) 03:25
B-05 Whiplash (Live) 05:17


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart LP
Empfehlung Ja
Künstler The Trash Templars
Label Moody Monkey