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Rupert Marnie
Evocative Rhythm Experience

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Rupert Marnie’s debut album “Evocative Rhythm” is a singular object to begin with. Split over two parts, each one working as an individual piece and under seemingly endless configurations when played together on a pair of record players, “Evocative Rhythm” is an elusive piece of musical abstraction you will play a crucial role in shaping, fashioning it as you dabble with it - certainly curious and cautious at first, then manipulating its raw clay more firmly as you envision it with a clearer idea of where to go with it.

All tracks written and produced by: Matthias Schubert


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart LP
Künstler Rupert Marnie
Label The Press Group
Ersch.-datum 14.04.2023