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Fresh Air

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Books out! Class work! Subject: Geometry. What do all these rectangles, circles, dots, and triangles mean to you? It's not so old-school when Werner "Zappi" Diermaier presents his geometrical forms. But the question that bandmates and the audience at the California Institute of the Arts were confronted with was a rather similar one: How would you transform the graphic score, which is currently projected onto the screen, into acoustic signals? The result was a wildly meandering, high-intensity, 23-second symphony, in which the onomatopoetic knot bursts. "It's a sort of dadaist choir, a musique impressioniste," says faUSt founder Jean-Hervé Péron. "People participated right away." "Sounds like a sporting event! And the audience screams: Hurray!" says Zappi Diermaier. Two perspectives on one idea from faUSt. Very good! Sit down! Continue!

1. Fresh Air
2. Birds Of Texas
3. Partitur
4. La Poulie
5. Chlorophyl
6. Lights Flicker
7. Fish


Artikelart CD
Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Label Bureau B
Künstler Faust
Ersch.-datum 05.05.2017