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Various Artists
Hordijk, Vol. 2

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The Hordijk community has members from all over the planet and it’s a bit like a secret society; many don’t know any of the other users. After extensively trawling social media, I was delighted to find so many captivating artists dedicating their life to the sound of electrons. Just like Rob had. Not all were willing to contribute, simply because the reason they owned a Hordijk instrument had to do with its sound and quirkiness. I am glad many others contributed. This compilation presents a much more comprehensive array of works using the Hordijk designs, ranging from the wild escapades of 5e7h to the contemplative work of Robert Coburn.

After the release of Volume 1, Rob Hordijk sadly passed away on September 6, 2022. Nevertheless, his legacy remains. Rob entrusted his workshop, concepts, ideas, and designs to Biyi Amez, who will keep the sounds alive.

Thanks to Rob and all the contributing composers for making this great album possible and to Guillermo Pizarro for giving us a platform with Flag Day Recordings.

1Felix KubinPut The Red Plug
2Bruno LiberdaWith Love From Vienna 4RH
3Guillaume DujatFilter Mouth
4Richard ScottStardust For RH (2023 Version)
5Jos SmoldersStep Out Of Time
6Todd BartonEx Sonitus
7Philippe PetitShorter Gedroogd AC Temperatuur Magnetik
8Clint Newsom & David NolenThe Devil's Hordijk
9Davor GazdeProbability No. 3
10Robert CoburnTentative Thoughts Of Silence (Part 1)
11Joker NiesIntruder Alert
125e7hBlipolin 5 Deluxe
13Hans TammenErebus Blippo 60 x 60


Artikelart CD
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Künstler Various Artists
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