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Various Artists
Jungle Exotica Vol. 1
Doppel LP

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FULLY REMASTERED double-lp exotic deluxe GATEFOLD edition with TONS of extra cuts and bee- yoot new art! Double LP. This series takes the debauchery of "LAS VEGAS GRIND" into Exotic Asia, the Deserts, and the Jungle! Bongos, ape-noises, fake-oriental chants, and maracas galore. Truly bizarre and ridiculous attempts at "Exotica" by crazed, obscure, one-shot Rock ´n´Roll (?) combos of the late-50´s/early 60´s

A1 The Jungle
A2 Native
A3 Hi Yo Camel
A4 Conga Twist
A5 Dragon Walk
A6 Tequila Twist
A7 Caravan
A8 Oasis

B1 Congo Mombo
B2 Loco
B3 Wild Man Walk
B4 Don't Wanna Leave The Congo
B5 Monkey
B6 King Kong
B7 Carachi
B8 Island Dog

C1 Watusi Zombie
C2 Oongawa
C3 Uprising
C4 Kana Kapila
C5 Kookie Limbo
C6 Daddy Lolo
C7 Ah, So
C8 Jungle Safari

D1 Screw Driver
D2 Tarzan
D3 Calypso Bop
D4 Bagdad Rock
D5 Yabba
D6 Clumsy Dragon
D7 Cafe Bohemian
D8 Isis


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart Doppel LP
Künstler Various Artists
Label Crypt Records