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The Clientele
Music For The Age Of Miracles

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"The band’s ability to conjure wistful psychedelic dream-states feels oddly comforting in these beleaguered times … A misty tapestry of late-night urban idylls, laced with a rapturous melancholy magic“ **** MOJO

"A work of lovely, floaty wonder" **** Q

"What is startling is the abundance of new ideas and feeling or renewed vitality … qualities that make the songs as compelling as any the band have recorded … Reunions of much-cherished acts rarely yield new music that stakes such a strong claim to the present, a fact that makes ‘Music For the Age of Miracles’ its own kind of miracle" 8/10 UNCUT

The Clientele return in September with Music for the Age of Miracles, theirfirst release of new music since 2010’s Minotaur EP and their first album onTapete Records.


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Künstler The Clientele
Label Tapete Records
Ersch.-datum 22.09.2017