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Stereo Total
Musique Automatique

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"Musique Automatique" ist das fünfte Album von Stereo Total.Veröffentlicht 2001 und eine weitere Koriphäe der Stereo Total Saga.

Musique Automatique, released in 2001, opens with "Automatic Music", a bouncy number centering around a call-and-response between Cactus and Göring that plays off the suffix "-ique": "La musique/ Automatique/ La musique/ Nostalgique/ La musique/ Pathétique/ La musique/ Chaotique." The two verses of the song-- sung by Göring about sound traveling through the soundsystem to the ears of the listener-- kick in with a folky guitar scale fill-in, defying the synth-pop of the rest of the track. But unlike my "Life Before Death" experiment, this juxtaposition is crazily successful.                                                                              Good work!


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Künstler Stereo Total