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Shit Street 22005

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Cuts from the 1978-79 studio recordings (previously on the "BURIED ALIVE" lp and "EVERYBODY HATES YOU" cd): "What's This Shit Called Love/Dead End America/Eyes Of Satan/Street Where Nobody Lives/Boy Can I Dance Good/Real World/Can't Explain/Haven't Got The Time/Give Up/Little Black Egg/Yeah Yeah/Heart Of Stone/Not Now No Way/I Juvenile" - PLUS the rare-ass scorchin' 1978 DEBUT 7" "SIX AND CHANGE". LP BONUS CUT: a raw-ass unissued 1979 studio take of the Electric Eels' "Jaguar Ride"!! plus the UNISSUED 1979 STUDIO DEMOS: "Fortune Teller/She's A Cadaver"! and the 1979 STUDIO CUTS LONG UNAVAILABLE: "I Don't Understand/Don't Leave Me Alone".

A1 What's This Shit Called Love
A2 Street Where Nobody Lives
A3 Haven't Got The Time
A4 I Juvenile
A5 Eyes Of Satan
A6 I Don't Understand
A7 Not Now No Way
A8 Don't Leave Me Alone
A9 Boy Can I Dance Good
B1 Six And Change
B2 Dead End America
B3 Jaguar Ride
B4 Little Black Egg
B5 Yeah Yeah
B6 Heart Of Stone
B7 Real World
B8 She's A Cadaver
B9 Fortune Teller
B10 Give Up
B11 Can't Explain


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart LP
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Künstler Pagans
Label Crypt Records
Zustand Neuware