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Stella Loops

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For Stella Loops, the Hamburg outfit swap the Mediterranean for the Sea of Tranquility, slipping their terrestrial moorings in the name of auditory escapism. Written in part as a response to the enforced inertia of the pandemic and ever-present anxiety of life in the now, Stella Loops finds the group staring skywards, seeking solace in the possibilities of the infinite. Using the sci-fi literature of the GDR as a lyrical launchpad, unhappybirthday stumble, tumble, float and fall through the galaxy, finding freedom in each mantra like vocal.
- Tapete Rec.

1. Nova
2. Überall
3. Eolomea
4. Gus
5. Transit
6. Lass uns überlegen
7. Luxor
8. Phantom
9. Jimmy


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart LP
Künstler Unhappybithday
Label Tapete Records
Ersch.-datum 09.09.2022
Zustand Neuware