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TEll A ViSiON releases her new self titled album via Duchess Box Records TEll A ViSiON is the moniker of Berlin artist Fee Kurten who recorded her album in East London. Having formally been part of a long term music project TEll A ViSiON became a new project in 2022 with a revitalized direction, a rebirth. The new demos caught the attention of Duchess Box Records who swiftly took the artist for a record deal and have been working to start the hype with the first singles gaining more and more attention with each one. Stop, the hype starts now. TEll A ViSiON has been playing shows all around Germany and recently toured in 2000 cap venues with Guano Apes. Fee Kurten started making music as a child in her hometown of Hamburg and was laying down rap tunes throughout her teenage years. TEll A ViSiON fuses a mix of influences from early hip hop, new wave, dub. trip hop and post punk. Mockumentary has a off world sound with its deep beats and slick synths which gives it a cosmic feeling.

A1 Unltd. States Of Tav
A2 Call Me By My Name
A3 The Triggera
A4 My Dance Inbetween
A5 Buffering
A6 Together Alone
B1 Mockumentary
B2 Cross The Lines Feat. Brother May
B3 Over Control
B4 Solitude
B5 Dance Or Die
B6 Keep Myself From Having

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Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart LP
Künstler TEll A ViSiON
Ersch.-datum 14.07.2023
Zustand Neuware