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Omar Rodríguez-López
The Clouds Hill Tapes Part I, II & III
3-fach LP

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The Clouds Hill Tapes Part I, II & III are 20 new songs produced by Johann Scheerer and performed by Omar Rodríguez López and a range of guest musicians. They are going to be released as a 3 x 12" vinyl box set on July, 24th. It comes with 10 monochrome photographic prints takes during the recording session at Clouds Hill Studio in 2019.

The artwork is a photograph of the original tape used for the session. It looks very high end because analog photography with the right lighting can look very high end. People these days tend to think that high end photography looks grainy compared to digital non-high end photos. It doesn’t!

Even the unwinding tape is real! It took two days to photograph it like this. The cardboard slipcase features three cut outs (in the photo of the tape reel) like those tape reels have. So if you slip the vinyl in, the grooves create the illusion of wound tape.

Release Date: July, 24th 2020

The Clouds Hill Tapes Part I.

  1. Roman Lips
  2. Fishtank
  3. Bitter Tears
  4. Houses Full Of Hurt
  5. Science Urges
  6. Fool So Bleak
  7. Arcos Del Amor
  8. To Kill A Chi Chi

The Clouds Hill Tapes Part II.

  1. Diamond Teeth
  2. Vanishing Tide
  3. Eastern Promises
  4. Through Wires
  5. Killing Out
  6. We Feel The Silence

The Clouds Hill Tapes Part III.

  1. Winter‘s Gone
  2. It All Begins With You
  3. Running Away
  4. Paint Yourself A Saint
  5. Born To Be A Nobody
  6. Tell Me What I Did Wrong


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart 3-fach LP
Künstler Omar Rodríguez-López
Label Clouds Hill Records
Ersch.-datum 25.09.2020