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Andreas Spechtl
Thinking About Tomorrow, And How To Build It

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Andreas Spechtl's unbelievable new album "Thinking About Tomorrow, And How To Build It" is a multi-faceted work. It is personal - the auteur Andreas Spechtl invites us to look deep into the soul of his "I", which, as Arthur "Je est un autre" Rimbaud noted, is the I of another. It is rooted in history - the musician Andreas Spechtl constructs an emotional bridge to the cosmic music of Can and the aural sculptures of Conrad Schnitzler. It is, finally, a modern and hybrid work - the observer Andreas Spechtl mines deep strata of sound and samples in his sonic quarry, layering them over a constant bass drum, capable of launching every DJ set into a new space and time continuum.


Artikelart CD
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Label Bureau B
Künstler Andreas Spechtl
Ersch.-datum 10.11.2017