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Richard von der Schulenburg
Wanderung durch Flur und Wald

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The spirit of German Romanticism is strong on this one, offering a timeless addition to the classic cache of Teutonic synth expressionism explored by everyone from the likes of Hans-Joachim Roedelius in the late ‘70s to Wolfgang Voigt’s GAS in the ‘90s or STL in ‘00s, and which has become so indelible from swathes of electronic music out of that country ever since

However, this being 2017, even a country hike can go darkside, as Wanderung durch Wald und Flur subtly spells out in its transition from breezy melodies and refreshingly drizzly atmospheres to wistfully bittersweet on Sommerabend am Boberger See am 28.08.2014, to the distinctly crepuscular ambience and phosphorescing tone of Dorfbewhoner in Elmshorn am 30.07.2013, at the albums border.

It’s deeply enchanting music without the cloying frills that the term pastoral music may imply, leaving enough grit under the fingernails and mud clinging to the boots to push your imagination into new realms.


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart 12"-Vinyl
Künstler Richard von der Schulenburg
Label VIS
Ersch.-datum 17.03.2017