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Various Artists
We`ll Sea Pt. 02

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Special remarks: 12″, colored vinyl in heavy clear sleeve, hand stamped, with sticker, VINYL ONLY Tracklist A: GSH - I’m New Here (Marcus Worgull edit) VINYL ONLY AA: Johannes Klingebiel - Boys Club Shortinfo “We’ll Sea” - a splashing, refreshing new series from RSS Disco’s Mireia Records. On this second entry Marcus Worgull and Johannes Klingebiel scout out the most euphoric and simultaneously intimate moments of the night. Double A! Visually, Mireia records is always on the lookout for the extraordinary. “We’ll Sea” offers beautifully marbled turquoise vinyl, housed in a heavy clear sleeve; hand stamped labels and a sticker. Sales Points - you know Marcus from his work as a part of Innervisions and the band Vermont (together with Motor City Drum Ensemble) - you know Johannes from his hit-release “Nightlife” on Mireia Records earlier this year and the bands Vimes and C.A.R. ? you know the record is going to be great


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Artikelart 12"-Vinyl
Künstler Various Artists
Label Mireia
Ersch.-datum 22.09.2017